Dear Reader,

About a year ago I began writing a book.  I intended to compile a story of tragedy and heroism aboard an ill-fated trans-Atlantic flight.  After developing an outline, creating a variety of characters and laying out a series of events, I realized there were too many sub-plots and branches in the story.  Each time I started to embellish a particular chapter, I found myself writing about other thoughts and different aspects to the story.  The positive side is I shouldn’t have any difficulty creating material to fill the pages.  The difficulty is in learning to focus my efforts toward the goal of completing the book.

Rather than attempting to do something that I am not ready to do, I have decided to write various thoughts, feelings and experiences in short posts.  This will help to put some of my thoughts in perspective and give me some material for another future attempt to write something more comprehensive.  You are welcome to leave a comment.

I am a retired mainframe computer performance geek and software company CEO.  After dropping out of high school and joining the US Marine Corps, I returned to school and began studying computers.  During my career I earned degrees in business management, engineering, and anthropology.  In recent years I have traveled extensively in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.  Along the way I earned a pilot’s license.

Thank you for visiting.


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