My Dog C. J.

I had to put my dog C. J. down in March of 2011 at the age of 17.  C. J. was one of the highlights of my life.  I often think of him, and it always makes me smile.  Any pet owner will appreciate how I felt and still feel about my little dog.  He was a mutt who weighed only about 20 pounds.  The adoption paper said “Terrier / X”, and over the years I determined the “X” part consisted of at least husky, shepherd, and a couple other fence-jumpers.

My most memorable story of C. J. is the day we went to pick up the Honey-Baked Thanksgiving ham when he was about one year old.  Because of some conflicting appointments, I had to pick up the ham first and then leave C. J. in my SUV with the ham for a few minutes.  To solve this obvious problem I brought along a yellow tub to cover and protect the ham while C. J. was alone with it in the car.  I picked up the ham, drove to my other appointment, placed the tub over the ham and walked to my appointment.

I was gone less than five minutes.  Upon arriving back at the car I noticed the missing C. J.  My first thought was I might have left the window down too far and he had jumped out.  Then I noticed the yellow tub shifting about in the back of the vehicle.  By the time I lifted the tub and got C. J away from his treat he had already eaten a pound of ham, including its aluminum foil covering.

After arriving at home I cut out the portions in the area where C. J. had feasted and served the ham to my guests on Thanksgiving.  Several years later I confessed my indiscretions at the Thanksgiving dinner table and we all enjoyed a big laugh.

C. J. always ate well, especially after Thanksgiving.  I made certain every year that he got the ham bone, which kept him busy over the course of several days.  I am certain I will think with pleasure of C. J. and the ham every Thanksgiving holiday for the rest of my life.

About Rich T

Retired IT analyst, designer, DBA, programmer and performance analyst. Owner and President of First Choice Systems, Inc. Earned degrees in business management, engineering, and anthropology. Traveled extensively to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, South America and Antarctica. Private pilot. Served in the US Marine Corps.
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